Typing tutor: Cowboy with Keyboard

Typing tutor: Cowboy with Keyboard 2.1

Developed by Aledensoft
2.1 (See all)

Cowboy with Keyboard is a typing tutor for Windows. It is not simply a program, it's a game…
This program will teach you to type on keyboard with the help of so named "blind" method. Process of the education very interesting, amazing and thrilling. If you like games, then you'll like this program. In process of the play there aren't irritating popup messages about wrong pressed key. You will be interest by yourself to press correct key.
This program does not look like others.
Intuitive interface on the basis of a game engine.
Learning process is based on your subconsciousness.
This program approaches for training children.
Tracks multiple users.
Complete install and uninstall support.
Levels of difficulty (new).

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